Brazos 58″ Handcrafted Twisted Aromatic Cedar Wood Walking Stick for Men and Women, Made in the USA

Amazon.com Price: $49.16 (as of 06/24/2021 11:09 PST- Details)

This beautiful walking stick is not only good looking, but gives off a wonderful cedar aroma. Red hues swirl together with cream, giving it an appealing two-tone appearance.
It’s probably the most gifted stick we have, meaning people love to give it as a gift. And the recipients are as thrilled as the givers when they see the fine quality craftsmanship.
The Twisted Aromatic Cedar Walking stick has it all – beauty, class and lightweight construction. It will hold you up but not weigh you down in the least. You’ll find it a joy to walk along the beach, in the mountains, on a trail or down the sidewalk with this smooth, sturdy companion at your side.

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