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All Online Outdoor Outlet Adventure Certified Gear is built to last. It has been throughly tested in the field by experienced Outdoors Men & Women so you it’s gear you can trust. Never worry about your gear failing you in the field again with a selection from our list of certified outdoor gear. 

Info about Online Outdoor Outlet Adventure Certifications

To get your outdoor products Adventure Certified you must fill out the form below. After your form has been submitted someone from the Online Outdoor Outlet team will reach out to you with further instruction. You will then need to supply your product to be tested throughly. If you product passes the test you will receive your Adventure Certified Certificate along with recognition. 

Note: There is no cost associated with the Adventure Certified Award. Any attempt to pay for an Adventure Certification will result in an automatic non reviewal of your product.
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The Testing of products takes place in 3 Stages:

Stage 1: Quality

The first stage is overall look, feel and quality of the product on arrival. In this stage we look over all of the parts of the product and check for possible defects and fail points.  

Stage 2: Functionality

The second stage is ease of use and Functionality. In this stage we test if the product actually does what is was made to do and does it live up to the marketing claims of the manufacture.

Stage 3: Durability

The third stage is a durability test. We are going to test how well the product last over time. 

Adventure Certified Gear List by Category

Check out all of Outdoor Adventure Certified Gear Categories. The top 5 from each group is shown below.