Finding the Best Paddle Board: Guide for Beginner Paddle Boarders

Finding the Best Paddle Board for Beginners

It’s not entirely false to say that in these modern times, most people have lost their touch with nature. The hustle and bustle of urban life leave our souls craving for adventure and a deeper connection to nature like the ones our forefathers had. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why stand up paddle boarding is becoming popular among youngsters and the more experienced alike. Paddleboarding is not only one of the trendiest ways to get your fix of exercise, but also easy to learn and highly stimulating as a sport. So how do I get started, you ask? Well, first of all, you need to get a paddle board that is right for you. In this beginner’s guide to buying a stand up inflatable paddle board we’ll be addressing everything you need to know when Finding the Best Paddle Board for your needs, or upgrading your old one.

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In this guide, we will be looking at the Best Inflatable Standup Paddle Boards for Beginners, Best Paddle Board Length for people who are just starting out, and a few key tips for finding the best paddle board for your needs and get you out paddle boarding like a professional.

How to Find the Best Inflatable Paddle Board?

While there is a multitude of choices when it comes to buying a paddle board, however it shouldn’t be hassle finding the right one for your lifestyle.

Not to mention, you shouldn’t be spending a small fortune on something like a stand up paddle board if you’re just a beginner. If you’re looking for a paddleboard to fit your specific use, you have come to the right place. Below we will break down the best paddle boards for All-around use, Yoga, Touring, Fishing, Surfing, and Racing. We even broke down the best size paddle board into an easy-to-use chart.

What Board is Right for you?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct answer when you are looking for a board that represents your style and fit for your specific use. Finding the Best Paddle Board comes down to what you prioritize and what is essential for you. Shopping for a new or first paddle board can actually be easy and should be fun. In order to make it easy on you, we have a few suggestions for each type of activity you will be doing. All you have to do is follow along and answer the questions below.

Lets Get Started!

What kind of Paddle Boarding you would be doing?

While it may all seem the same, there are different paddle board sports. This is why it’s important to consider what kind of activities you plan to use your board for.

The following are the most common types of Paddle Board Activities.

Best All Around Inflatable Paddle Boards

These boards are known for being the jack of all trades, these are not only very versatile but are also perfect for beginners that want to try it out in multiple ways. 

The following are the Online Outdoor Outlet Best All Around Inflatable Paddle Boards:

Best Inflatable Paddle Boards for Yoga and Fishing Paddle Boards

Yoga and Fishing boards are quite similar, they are good for small waves and are wide. They are very stable and keep you in balance as you are moving on the board. However, these boards are not recommended for long distances paddles. For the serious fishermen or Yogie out there, it is always a good idea to match your board with a specialized paddle. Storage is also very good to have while fishing or doing yoga and most specialty boards come with tie-down slots for all your fishing. 

The following are the Online Outdoor Outlet Best Yoga Inflatable Paddle Boards and Fishing Paddle Boards:

Best Inflatable Paddle Boards for Touring

For longer distances, it is good to go with a specialized touring board. These boards are not really racing boards, but give you more glide which makes them good for longer travels. These have huge space to store equipment and are mostly used by campers.

 The following are the Online Outdoor Outlet Best Touring Inflatable Paddle Boards:

 Best Inflatable Paddle Boards for Surfing

Surfing has always been one of the most appealing water sports, but the best boards for surfing are not good for other uses. For instance, these boards are designed for stronger waves and aren’t as stable for other uses. As a beginner, you should only buy a surf paddle board if you plan on doing a lot of surfing. For most beginner surfers, it is good to choose a hybrid surf and cruise board to make sure you get the most out of your paddle board.

 The following are the Online Outdoor Outlet Best Surfing Inflatable Paddle Boards:

Best Inflatable Paddle Boards for Racing

If you plan on using your board for racing, you should really be looking into specialized narrow boards. These longboards are designed to move fast and are great for fitness and paddling in the ocean. However, they are not very stable beyond racing.

 The following are the Online Outdoor Outlet Best Racing Inflatable Paddle Boards:

What Size Inflatable Paddle Board Suits Your Needs?

The size of the board relies heavily upon the activity, experience level, and what you need to carry with you out on the water. The more weight you have the wider and longer you want your board to be. Below is our recommendation for the size of the paddle board for each activity you will be doing.

How much weight you will be carrying on you paddle board?

While most boards should be able to support your weight, it is a good idea to consider the weight rating on your board before you purchase. A thicker board is able to support more weight. We recommend purchasing a board that is at least 6″ thick to support you and your gear while out on the water.

General use Paddle Board Size Chart for Finding the Best Paddle Board:

  • Beginner SUP Boards are between 10’6″-11′ in length and 32″-34″ in width
  • All-Around SUP Boards are between 10′-11′ in length and 30″-34″ in width
  • Touring SUP Boards are between 12′-14′ in length and 30″-32″ in width
  • Fishing SUP Boards are between 11′-12′ in length and are 34″-38″ in width or added stability.
  • Youth SUP boards are between 7′-9′ in length and 30″-33″ in width.
  • Yoga SUP Boards are between 10′-11′ in length and 34″-36″ wide for added stability.
  • Racing SUP Boards are 14′ in length and 26″-28″ in width.
  • Surfing SUP Boards are between 7′-10′ in length and the width can vary depending on preference and skill level.

What is Your Paddle Board Budget?

The last question you want to ask yourself when looking for a paddle board is what is my Budget. It is important to think beforehand about how much you are willing to pay for a Paddle Board. While most specialized boards are not cheap, there are some great options in our Outdoor Store for under $500.  While most of the time we would never recommend a cheap paddleboard, there are some really great options that won’t break the bank. Just like most outdoor activities you really do get what you pay for. When starting out as a beginner in paddle boarding you need to also think about paddleboarding accessories. Most entry-level inflatable paddle boards come in a kit with everything you will need to get started.

Hopefully, this guide has enabled you to choose the board that will accompany you on your wild adventures. For more outdoor tips and guides, make sure you subscribe to our blog. Happy paddling adventurers.

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